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fine art

John Gunther

Abingdon, VA

I have been a weaver/woodworker for nearly 45 years. With the gift of a loom while in college at Michigan State University I started to learn and understand the diverse uses for woven fabrics mixed with other materials especially woods and metals. Graduating in 1972 with a degree in Arts and Letters I moved briefly to the Mountains of NW Wyoming and from there to the Mountains of the Southern Appalachians. There I and several friends from college worked on being self sufficient raising most of our food, hogs, and chickens. I focused on functional weaving, woven shelving, lighting, floor coverings and wearable clothing, selling this work at local, regional and national art/craft shows through the 1980’s. In the 90’s I started to dye New Zealand Merino wool in a painted style before weaving it into landscapes of water, land and sky. Moving the functional to Artistic opened up my use of aluminum sheeting as a woven medium to express my creative and artistic directions.

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