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Fiber, Glass, Metal & Wood ARTIST

fine art

Jamie Wickliffe, Sand Spirit Glass

Asheville, NC

Father of four and full time glass blower of 13 years. Specializing in marbles and paperweights made with borosilicate glass on the torch. Lots of color and metal fume help create these organic and cosmic orbs that range from 1 inch in size to a very large 5”. Technology in the torches has exponentially increased over the last ten years allowing for bigger and larger pieces made of borosilicate glass that have never been attempted or accomplished. I try to focus on crisp and clean designs and the optic qualities of the glass, to create mesmerizing and mystical scenes that will inspire the viewer to reflect on themselves and the bigger picture we call life. I am very inspired by things under water, under the earth, and outer space, as well as humans spiritual journey and growth as a conscious being. Hopefully my art will have a lasting, positive influence on the owner and be passed down for generations to come. 

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