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Jewelry ARTIST

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Gina Eubank

Eubank, KY

A native of rural Pulaski Co. Kentucky, Gina has from her earliest memories been drawn to the beauty of nature. As a child, her interests always centered around botanicals, the love of growing plants and being “close to the earth”. This, coupled with a lifetime of residing in an area of natural beauty, led her to a career in horticulture, and as a successful dried floral designer. After about 15 years, although her designs were selling well, she still felt something was lacking in her artistic expression. A happy accidental discover in the Arrowmont book store in Gatlinburg, TN let her to the art of enameling. In this, she found the missing ingredient of the manipulation of color, and the infinite design elements she desired.

Enameling is the fusion of vitreous glass on metal. The glass is fused to the metal by kiln firing at about 1400 degrees. Eubank draws inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding her on the small rural famr where she resides. Her designs are almost always driven by the gentle ebb and flow found in nature. She begins the laborious process of creating a new design by first sketching her idea on paper, and choosing color combinations. Metal is cut, bent, shaped, hammered and textured as the design begins to come to life. Cells of very thin silver or gold wire are formed, then layer upon layer of glass, ground with mortar ans pestle is repeatedly fired; the anceint art of cloisonn√©. Once finished the “jewel” is then set in a silver bezel. Gina fabricates each on of a kind piece by hand from beginning to end in her studio.

Gina can be found much of the time in her log cabin studio, working on cloisonné and other enameling techniques, or exhibiting at a select juried art show throughout the Southeast.

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